SAE Medal of Honor

Established in 1986, this award recognizes and honors a living SAE member for unique and significant contributions to SAE which strengthen or add to SAE's ability to further its purpose. The significance of such contribution(s) shall have been tested over time and shall be regarded as a major factor in SAE's success. SAE Past Presidents are eligible for this award, but the contribution(s) for which they may be nominated must have been initiated and proven as major factors to SAE's success after their term of office has been completed; any initiated prior to, or during their Presidential term, are not acceptable as the basis for nomination.

Unlike other SAE awards that honor technical achievements or outstanding accomplishments in the various fields of mobility engineering, this award recognizes an individual's contributions to the overall SAE organization.

The award consists of a bronze medal and is presented at the SAE World Congress.

Dr. Jwo Pan

Dr. Jwo Pan For more than 20 years, Dr. Pan has been active in SAE International organizing sessions, recruiting new session organizers, founding committee activities, and improving conference and technical paper qualities. His efforts have enhanced the importance, visibility and success of SAE International by improving the quality of its most important products: conference and technical papers.

His unique experience as an engineer, mentor, and educator in the area of mobility has enabled him to help advance SAE International’s vision in four ways the past two decades, including: Continuously serving on various significant committees, including founding Chair and member of Materials and Testing Committee; Vice Chair and Chair of the Materials Engineering Activity; Member, Vice Chair and Chair of Technical Quality Response Team (TQRT); Member of Engineering Meetings Board; Chair of Lightweight Vehicle Design Committee; Member of Land and Sea Group; Member of Ferrous Materials Committee; Member of Metallic Materials Committee; and Member of SAE/AISI Sidney H. Melbourne Award Committee.

Actively recruiting and nurturing a new group of organizers, committee members and chairs who actively seek technical papers in the areas of materials engineering to advance the technology of the mobility industry.

Developing guidelines on organizer’s qualifications for SAE International conferences; improving the operation of conferences; eliminating written-only papers for events such as the SAE World Congress; improving the quality and flow of conference paper selections by benchmarking with other technical societies; improving the quality and selection of SAE International journal papers flow by working with various committees and benchmarking with other journals and other technical societies such as the ASME and TMS.

Serving as an associate editor for SAE International Journal of Materials and Manufacturing, revamping the technical committees in the Materials Engineering Activity, attracting and distributing SAE International mobility-related information through organizing technical sessions, technical paper presentations, and technical publications in SAE International conferences and journals.

Dr. Pan has been educating and nurturing engineers and future leaders serving the mobility industry through his teaching at University of Michigan and his service in SAE International.
Nomination Deadline: December 1

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