SAE Medal of Honor

Established in 1986, this award recognizes and honors a living SAE member for unique and significant contributions to SAE which strengthen or add to SAE's ability to further its purpose. The significance of such contribution(s) shall have been tested over time and shall be regarded as a major factor in SAE's success. SAE Past Presidents are eligible for this award, but the contribution(s) for which they may be nominated must have been initiated and proven as major factors to SAE's success after their term of office has been completed; any initiated prior to, or during their Presidential term, are not acceptable as the basis for nomination.

Unlike other SAE awards that honor technical achievements or outstanding accomplishments in the various fields of mobility engineering, this award recognizes an individual's contributions to the overall SAE organization.

The award consists of a bronze medal and is presented at the SAE World Congress.

Mr. Bharat Vedak

Mr. Bharat Vedak Mr. Vedak is being recognized for his continued dedication and excellent service to SAE International. As an SAE member for over 40 years, Mr. Vedak brings unique experiences and perspectives that stand the test of time. Having worked for two major bell weather companies in the Commercial Vehicle sector (Deere & Company and Cummins), Mr. Vedak has been able to provide extremely valuable insights from the end user customer viewpoints that are critical to SAE. He has been willing to collaborate and share his expertise for the greater good of advancing the mobility engineering community. Mr. Vedak is a trusted and reliable advisor and resource. His steady guidance and advice have been sought and welcomed by his colleagues, peers and competitors which is an even greater testament to his character.

One of Mr. Vedak's greatest contributions has been his support of a new Rapid Review Team Program (RRT) that SAE is working on for the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The RRT Program is focused on fast, impactful assessments of organic maintenance and manufacturing facilities by experts and leaders from both the public and commercial sectors, with the goal of improving the facilities' efficiency and effectiveness. Subject matter experts volunteer to provide impartial and independent analyses by providing their unique perspectives to address identified challenges within each facility they review. The success of this program relies upon these volunteers. Mr. Vedak's participation on a team that assessed and helped improve a Quality Management System at the Anniston Army Depots brought tremendous credibility to the RRT Program which is still in its infancy stages. This greatly benefits SAE as it positions itself for continued growth opportunities within the defense community. RRT volunteers such as Mr. Vedak showcase the diversity, reach, depth and breadth the SAE enterprise can bring to partnering opportunities.

For this and so many other achievements, SAE International is proud to present its highest award - the SAE Medal of Honor - to Mr. Bharat Vedak.
Nomination Deadline: December 1

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