SAE Medal of Honor

Established in 1986, this award recognizes and honors a living SAE member for unique and significant contributions to SAE which strengthen or add to SAE's ability to further its purpose. The significance of such contribution(s) shall have been tested over time and shall be regarded as a major factor in SAE's success. SAE Past Presidents are eligible for this award, but the contribution(s) for which they may be nominated must have been initiated and proven as major factors to SAE's success after their term of office has been completed; any initiated prior to, or during their Presidential term, are not acceptable as the basis for nomination.

Unlike other SAE awards that honor technical achievements or outstanding accomplishments in the various fields of mobility engineering, this award recognizes an individual's contributions to the overall SAE organization.

The award consists of a bronze medal and is presented at the SAE World Congress.

Terence J. Rhoades Terence J. Rhoades

Mr. Rhoades is being recognized for his continued dedicated and excellent service to SAE International.

Mr. Rhoades has made significant contributions to SAE International for more than 30 years. Highlights include two terms as the elected Treasurer of SAE International and more than seven years of service on the Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. Rhoades has more than 30 years of involvement on the governing Board of SAE Detroit Section including serving as Detroit Section Chair, of which he served eight years as treasurer and 13 years as a member of the finance committee.

Mr. Rhoades significant contributions to the long-term financial stability of SAE International have provided the society with a firm base upon which to build and move forward toward its goals and objectives in a rapidly changing environment.

He has provided valuable business and financial acumen and expertise that have enhanced the ability of SAE International to successfully weather the always-challenging business environment.

Mr. Rhoades contributions to SAE International have been described as "tireless and unselfish," leaving the organization as "financially sustainable and relevant." One nominator noted that his "contributions to the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee will continue to drive the governance and the greatness of SAE International for years to come."

A list of Mr. Rhoades' board and committee involvement includes:

  • SAE International Board of Directors 2001-2004
  • SAE International Finance Committee 2003-2010
  • SAE Detroit Section Finance Committee Member 2001-present
  • SAE Detroit Section Executive Committee 1994-present
  • SAE Detroit Section Annual Nominations Committee 1994-present
  • SAE International Sections Board Finance Committee Chairman 1993-1999
  • SAE International Quality Improvement Committee 1994 - 1999
  • SAE Detroit Section Chairman (over 17,000 members in 1993) 1992-1993
  • SAE Detroit Section Governing Board 1979-present
  • SAE Detroit Section Treasurer 2005 - present
  • SAE Engine Power Test Code Committee 2003- present

For these and many other achievements, SAE International is proud to present its highest award - the SAE Medal of Honor - to Mr. Terence J. Rhoades.

Nomination Deadline: December 1

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