Henry Ford II Distinguished Award for Excellence in Automotive Engineering

Nomination Deadline: June 1

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Award Description
This award recognizes SAE members who use their engineering skills to achieve product or manufacturing process contributions which are assessed to have had the greatest positive effect on the passenger car, truck, and bus industries.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Individual or teams responsible for designing a product or developing a manufacturing process which is assessed to be a significant technical effort and which has had the greatest positive impact on the passenger car, truck, and bus industries.
  • Providing supervisory or managerial engineering direction does not fulfill the requirement.

Other Information
The Ford Motor Company has funded this award to honor Henry Ford II and to recognize his enormous impact on the mobility industry.

This award, established in 1988, is administered by the Henry Ford Award Board. It consists of a plaque and is presented at the Awards Ceremony during the SAE World Congress.


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