Excellence in Engineering Education - Triple “E” Award

Nomination Deadline: September 30

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Award Description
This award annually recognizes outstanding contributions made by an individual toward activities related to the SAE Education Board (EB). The award is given for any of the following types of service: promotion of SAE student activities at the international or local levels, contributions that advance engineering education, contributions in support of the SAE Collegiate Design competitions, and promotion of educational related activities at any level.

Other Information

Eligibility: Candidates may be current or former members of the EB or committees reporting to the EB, faculty advisors, and other individuals who have made contributions toward activities related to the EB.

Procedure: The EB shall establish each year an award nomination committee. This shall consist of the EB Chair, immediate Past Chair, and staff secretary. It shall be the responsibility of the Committee to solicit nominations from Board members, committee members, or committees reporting to the EB. Nominations received shall be submitted for final consideration and approval by the EB. Nominations should be received prior to the fall EB meeting.

Award: The award consists of an attractive memento presented at the Awards Ceremony during the SAE World Congress.


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