Environmental Excellence in Transportation (E2T) Award

Award Criteria

To be eligible for an award under this program, the nomination must meet individual category criteria and demonstrate:

  • Innovative Achievement
    This may be supported by patents, peer reviewed research papers and other accepted indications of original work.

  • Favorable Environmental Impact
    The nomination must show the state before the innovation and compare that to the state after the innovation was applied. Favorable impacts may be demonstrated by life cycle analysis, risk analysis or other performance based measures. Awards in the categories of education, training and public awareness must show how the environment was physically impacted by the accomplishments and the number of people that were affected.

  • Feasibly Implemented
    The application must be applied to an operation of sufficient size to show widespread applicability. This may include (but not be limited to) a production plant, a vehicle fleet (more than 100 vehicles) or other units of similar impact. Economic feasibility must be demonstrated by a cost/benefit analysis or another accepted cost comparison technique. In the category of education, training and public awareness, nominations must show how the accomplishment may be transferred and used with other groups of people.

  • No Transfer of Environmental Burdens
    The achievement is not made by transferring environmental burdens elsewhere. This may be supported by life cycle studies, energy mass balance studies and risk analysis or other approved methods. Human health issues must be considered in all awards relating to products, processes and materials. Energy improvements must be shown using a life cycle approach.

Nomination Deadline: July 31

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