Edward N. Cole Award for Automotive Engineering Innovation

Nomination Deadline: June 1

Nomination Form

This award annually recognizes an SAE member whose innovative design is described in an SAE paper or whose lifetime of accomplishment is judged to be a significant achievement in automotive engineering. Judgment is based upon the value of the work as an original innovative contribution, not upon the application of some development or invention already known. The award honors the memory of Edward N. Cole, former President and Chief Operating Officer of General Motors Corporation, and the inspiration he provided to others in the engineering profession by his continuing search and drive for product innovation. The award is made possible through a fund originally established by contributions from General Motors Corporation, SAE members, and other employees and retirees who were associated with Mr. Cole.

The Award
This award, established in 1978, is administered by the Cole Award Board.  The award consists of a framed certificate and an appropriate commemorative gift and is presented during an appropriate SAE international meeting.

In selecting the recipient, a Board of Award shall make every effort to assure that the material or development forming the subject matter of the award is based on personal work. No one person shall win the award twice within any period of five consecutive years. That is, four years must elapse after receipt of the award by a given person before that person can again be considered eligible. It is possible to grant the award to more than one person, if the circumstances warrant. Any recipient, who is receiving the award based on lifetime accomplishment, shall be invited to deliver a paper at the time of the presentation of the award.


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